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Sunny Palms taro is grown on the mountain slopes of Upolu, Samoa. It is Harvested by hand and snap frozen to keep in all that premium taro goodness!

grown with real
Samoan Alofa

Knowledge of our product, sustainability and culture are the values which we strive to share through our methods of taro cultivation and production.


Taro root is an excellent source of fiber,
nutrients and good carbohydrates.
It has a wide range of health benefits.


Taro is grown as a root crop
throughout the humid tropics,
and is a staple of South Pacific diets.


Taro (Kalo Fusi) was carried by early
Polynesians throughout Oceania,
where it became a staple food.

How its packaged

Sunny Palms taro is packaged at the Ministry of Agriculture  and Farming (MAF) facility located at Nu’u, in Uplou Samoa.

This facility was setup with the express purpose of being HACCP ( Hazard Control Critical Control Points) and USDA (United States Drug Administration) approved.

This means that our frozen taro is packaged to meet the stringent food standards of countries such as the USA, New Zealand and Australia.

Our fresh taro is peeled, halved and then packaged in 2kg bags. This is then frozen in a controlled and monitored environment.

Our Story

From the mountains of Upolu.

Sunny Palms Premium Samoan Taro, is grown in the highlands of Uplou, one of the largest islands in the Samoa group. Our taro is classed a “Pink Taro” with the scientific classification of Colocasia esculenta, and known locally as Talo Fusi.

The pristine tropical moist broadleaf forests of Samoa provide the perfect growing temperature for Taro, and add another dimension to the exquisite flavour and texture, that sets our taro apart from the others!

Taro leaf

Hand Harvested

Fresh & Healthy

100% Samoan Produce

Our Farm

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Sunny Palms taro is sourced from our family plantation located at the Solaua region of north eatern Uplou.

We use traditional Samoan growing and harvesting methods to produce he highest quality taro possible.

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